This was the fourth Hondo we bought in 2013, so we started to get a nice Hondo collection. This one is in the category "extreme" and it's one you either love or hate. Hondo generally makes copies of existing models (like the Les Paul models) but on which one this is based, is unclear to us. We think it was made in Japan in 1983 but that's about it. There should be a DiMarzio pickup in it, but there wasn't.

The seller started with an opening price of €800 but even for a very special Hondo that's a bit much. But sometimes you just have to be patient and this time it paid off because no one replied to the ad, and when we made a much lower offer, the seller agreed. The condition the guitar was in really didn't warrant the higher price, even for a rare guitar like this. Special is it, but with lots of dings and dongs. 

Currently, the guitar has been sanded down to the wood, which gives it a whole different look. New pictures will follow when the restauration has been completed.


Neck type Maple, set-neck
Fretboard Rosewood
Body Multiplex
Frets 24 medium
Scale 628mm
Tuners ?
Bridge Vintage-style 6-point, 5-spring tremolo
Neck pu -
Middle pu -
Bridge pu Hondo X-44 humbucker
Color Metallic Red
Hardware color Chrome
Manufactured Korea, 1983-1984
Bought 2nd hand, 2013-10-31

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