The 465M had been on our wishlist in the category "within reach" for a while already when we finally saw a posting for one. It turned out it was being sold quite nearby, and at a reasonable price as well, so the choice was easy. Excellent thing to do on a Saturday night when you have no other plans anyway. Even before we ring the bell, we know we are at the right place, because the sound of some heavy shredding is coming from a bedroom window. Apparently, it was the son who is in a metal band. He was getting a new Ibanez Universe 7 from Mum and Dad, so the 465 was ready to be sold. We don't mind at all. The guitar is still quite new and without any damage. The fretboard could use some attention, but it looked like the owner reserved that for his own make-up. Fortunately, the maple really improved after a good clean. And then there's the colour: Soda Blue is a really nice and bright colour. The only downside we found is that the blue of the inlays is a different shade of blue.



Neck type Maple, Wizard II, bolt-on 
Fretboard Maple
Body Basswood
Frets 24
Scale 648mm 
Tuners ?
Bridge Ibanez Edge III tremolo
Neck pu DiMarzio Air Norton S single coil
Middle pu -
Bridge pu ">DiMarzio D-Activator humbucker
Color Soda Blue
Hardware color Black
Manufactured Indonesia, 2010
Bought 2nd hand, 2013-08-31

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