In the autumn of 2014 at the Musik Produktiv flea market, we are looking for a bass, and this one wins over a five string but otherwise very boring black bass. This olive green SR 1000 is the top series of Ibanez Soundgear basses and it feels great. The ebony fretboard has been well maintained and the body is also still in very good shape, despite its age.



Neck type Maple, bolt-on 
Fretboard Ebony
Body Alder
Frets 24 Jumbo
Scale ?
Tuners ?
Bridge Ibanez Omni-adjust bridge
Neck pu Ibanez P IBZ-USA
Middle pu -
Bridge pu Ibanez J IBZ-USA
Color Olive Green
Hardware color Black
Manufactured Japan, 1987
Bought 2nd hand, 2014-10-04

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