We weren't looking for this Kelly exactly, more like "one a bit nicer than the boring black one", but this transparent green one fit the bill very well. The green seems to have a hint of blue as well, without becoming turqoise, and the flame has nice depth if you turn it in the light.

The seller online was Used Products in Roermond, and we didn't expect them to negotiate very much, but they did. It wasn't quite the price we were aiming for, but it turned out to include the shipping costs, so that was alright then. Unfortunately for us, the Dutch Post was on strike, so it took another week before we could hold this beauty in our own hands. The original bill was still in the bag, so now we know how little pawn shops offer for great guitars...

The KE3 is a little top heavy, but an extra strap pin in the backplate fixed that. It's a shame to alter a guitar like that, but at least it's playable now.


Neck type Maple, bolt-on 
Fretboard Rosewood
Body Alder with flamed maple top
Frets 24 Jumbo
Scale 648mm 
Tuners ?
Bridge Jackson JT-580 Floyd Rose licensed
Neck pu Seymour Duncan SH-2n Jazz humbucker
Middle pu -
Bridge pu Seymour Duncan TB-4 JB humbucker
Color Transparent Green
Hardware color Black
Manufactured Japan, 2007-2008
Bought 2nd hand, 2013-06-25

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