This is one of those extra special guitars. It took us a year and some bumps in the road to get it, but we did. The first time we saw a Roadstar like this was on eBay, and we let it go. When made consciously, a decision like that is usually not a problem, but this one kept nagging in the back of our minds. Shouldn't we have... And then, after a year, when we were at the Musik Produktiv flea market, we saw it just standing there, in the sun, waiting for us. Of course we left it there, again.

It was half past eleven and too early to start negotiating, so we decide to browse the rest of the market before making a bid. This turned out to be a stupid idea, because by the time we get back, it's gone. But wait, the seller is gone too! Oh right, we're at the wrong spot; the guy was one row farther to the back of the field. But when we arrive at the right spot, the Roadstar is gone from there as well. But while we are deciding whether to lie down and cry, or go get the red Roadstar II we saw before, we notice someone walking off with "our" Roadstar! So we follow the guitar and learn that the buyer is just another seller, who puts a higher price on it and sits down to play it. Damn! So we do another round while considering the price we are willing to pay and decide we want it. Fortunately, we can get the price down a bit (although it's still more than it was in the morning) and we finally lay our hands on the one that almost got away.



Neck type Maple, bolt-on 
Fretboard Rosewood
Body Basswood with flamed maple top
Frets 24
Scale 648mm 
Tuners ?
Bridge Pro Rocker
Neck pu Ibanez IBZ humbucker (YE108R)
Middle pu -
Bridge pu Ibanez IBZ humbucker (YE108F)
Color Whine pearl
Hardware color Black
Manufactured Japan, 1985
Bought 2nd hand, 2013-05-04

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