An electric guitar without (visible) pickups at first always looks a bit off, like a face without a nose. But you get used to it and in this case, it's a nice face. Even unamplified it sounds louder that most electric guitars, and the body feels lighter, so it's probably chambered. Samick guitars are not very well documented, but this specimen appears in the 1991 brochure, so we got lucky there. The official colour is "Dark Blue Sunburst" but to us, this is a classic blue-green stand-off. 



Neck type Maple, bolt-on 
Fretboard Rosewood
Body Alder with "Tiger Tail" maple veneer
Frets 22
Scale 648mm 
Tuners ?
Bridge Classic bridge with piezo element
Neck pu -
Middle pu -
Bridge pu -
Color Dark Blue Sunburst
Hardware color Chrome
Manufactured Korea, 1991
Bought 2nd hand, 2017-12-02

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