We were curious about P90s and how they would play, so we took a trip to Huigens to try a few. Turns out that the Epi LP with P90s in red metallic looks great but sounds like crap. The Gibson DC that I tried sounded okay, but was no match for this unexpected second hand gem that they had. This Godin really sounds amazing. All elements have their own distinctive sound and you can really play with the intensity of your pick to get different sounds. So even though it's not our favorite color, it had to come home with us. It's a very well made instrument, nicely balanced and because it's chambered it won't break your back.



Neck type Mahogany, set-neck 
Fretboard Ebony
Body Mahogany with Mahogany top
Frets 21
Scale 629mm 
Tuners Godin high-ratio
Bridge Graphtech ResoMax bridge
Neck pu Lollar P90 single-coil
Middle pu Lollar P90 single-coil
Bridge pu Lollar P90 single-coil
Color Black High Gloss
Hardware color Chrome
Manufactured Canada, 2011
Bought 2nd hand, 2020-05-19

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