This Dean DS91 was built somewhere between 1991 and 1993, right in the middle of the period in which Dean Zelinsky had sold the Dean brand to another guitar manufacturer. Unfortunately, that means nothing much can be found about this guitar; one ad was all we found.

This guitar was one of the first of what later turned out to be a collection of many. Second guitar ever bought and the longest in the collection. Went to Huigens to buy a heavy metal guitar and found a Jackson RR Performer, which was nice. But this DS91 was so much nicer to play and sounded so much bettter, that the choice was easy really. Had the frets cleaned at Bo-El's workshop later and it still plays really well. 



Neck type Maple, bolt-on 
Fretboard Rosewood
Body ?
Frets 24 medium
Scale ?
Tuners ?
Bridge Floyd Rose licensed
Neck pu Dean humbucker
Middle pu Dean single coil
Bridge pu Dean humbucker
Color Transparant Red
Hardware color Black
Manufactured 1991-1993
Bought 2nd hand, 1997-04-05

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