This website is entirely dedicated to our guitar collection. Since we started in 2012, the initial set of six guitars has rapidly grown to the collection you will find on these pages. Most of our guitars are here for the long term, and some are just here for some love and attention and to get them ready to be sold again. So if you see a guitar that you like, please leave us a note and if it's one we are willing to sell, we might be able to do a deal. Do keep in mind that a lot of them are not for sale though ;-) And of course if you have a guitar that you think would be a nice addition to our collection, let us know! We are always on the lookout for great guitars.

You'll soon find that we like metal guitars, so only a very few Fenders/Squiers and Gibsons here. We have a lot of Ibanez and Jackson guitars, some Fernandes and a few Aria Pro II guitars. And in addition to those, we like the unknown stuff as well, like the Tagima Zero from Brazil, a very old ESP M-III and the Polish Mensfeld Fingertip.

Take a look around the site and leave a message; we would love to hear from you.

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Even with our collection there are guitars that we still haven't found yet, or were just too expensive when we saw them. This is a list of the guitars that we'd really like to have... Be prepared to drool on your keyboard ;-) Dean Z Blue burst Jackson Soloist SL3M Rainbow Crackle Jackson Kelly KE-2 Copper snake Ibanez JS Chrome Boy PRS Dragon Schecter Banshee Custom Schecter Sunset Custom Write comment (0 Comments)
Aiglon REC280GD Aria Pro II RS Inazuma-V Aria Pro II Cardinal series CS-350 Aria Pro II PE-Royale Aria Pro II Star BC Rich Mockingbird Special X BC Rich ST Platinum series BC Rich Warlock Exotic BC Rich Warlock Platinum Charvel Desolation DS-2 Charvette Model 250 Charvette Model 250 Dean DS92 Dean Hardtail Standard Dean ML phantom XT EKS Cyclone Epiphone 635i Epiphone 935i Epiphone Les Paul Studio Chameleon Epiphone Nighthawk Standard Fender F-55-12 Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster Fenix STL-30 Fernandes Dragonfly Pro Fernandes JS-100 Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe Fernandes Tremor 4 Deluxe Fernandes Vortex Deluxe Limited Godin Artisan ST-VI Godin Redline 1 Hagstrom Ultra Swede Nitro Harley Benton MS-60 PB Ltd. edition Hohner Professional ST Savage Hondo Deluxe Series 779 Hondo HD990WA Hondo II HDLP-2N Ibanez Artist ARX-320 Ibanez GRX-720 Ibanez JS-100 Ibanez RG-470 Ibanez RG-470 FMR Ibanez RG-470L Ibanez S-Classic SCR-220 Ibanez Soundgear SR-370 Jackson Dinky DK2M Jackson Dinky DK2T Jackson Kelly KX10 Jackson Kelly PS6T Performer Jackson King V KV5FR Jackson Stealth XL Jackson Warrior WRXT MR Kramer 120 Line6 Variax 500 LTD MH-350FR STR Ltd H-330-NTFM Ltd H-351-NT-TR Ltd MG-750 Ltd SC-607B Mayones KTM Melody strat MGH Custom Evil Butterfly MGH Custom Demantor OLP John Petrucci Peavey Rotor EX PRS SE Tremonti Schecter V-1 Apocalypse Schecter V-1 Classic Silver explorer Tokai V FVD50 Venom Tele Vester II Concert series Vester Stage series (panties) Vester Stage series (bass) Vester Frankenstage Washburn XS-4 Westone Pantera X300 Yamaha RGX-521 Yamaha RGX-612S Yamaha SC-400
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Aria Pro II Custom X Aria Pro II Urchin DeLuxe Aria Pro II ZZ Special BaCH Explorer BaCH Les Paul Bach tele Bo-El MC6 Burny RLC-55 BP Charvel 375 Deluxe Charvel Model 3A Charvel Model 4 Charvel Model 5 Charvel San Dimas Style 1 Charvel San Dimas 24 Justin Aufdemkampe Charvel ST Custom Charvette Model 250 Dean Baby Z Dean DS91 Dean ML 79 Limited Edition Dean Razorback Shards Derulo Dison series Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation-II V ESP MIII Fame Forum IV Modern Fernandes Atlas 4 Deluxe 3SB Fernandes Ravelle Elite Dave Kushner Fernandes Revolver JP FR-75 Fernandes V-Hawk Elite JP Fernandes Vortex Elite SW Gibson Les Paul Faded 2018 GOC Valkyrie Godin Icon Type 2 Godin Icon Type 3 Harley Benton TE-90FLT VW Hondo H1 Lightning Bolt Ibanez Destroyer DT350 Ibanez Destroyer DTT-700 Ibanez Xiphos XPT-700 Ibanez V-Blade VBT-700 Ibanez Iceman STM-2 Ibanez 540S Ibanez Ergodyne EXR170 Ibanez Artstar AL100 Ibanez RG-550 Ltd Ibanez RG-2-XXV Ibanez RGA-72-QM TLB Ibanez RG-7321 FM Ibanez RG-2570EX Prestige Ibanez RG-3120 Prestige Ibanez RGR-465M Ibanez RGT HRG2 Ibanez Roadstar II RB924 Ibanez Roadstar II RS140 Ibanez Roadstar II RS205 FR Ibanez Roadster RS350 Ibanez Roadstar II RS315 CS Ibanez Roadstar II RS315 MS Ibanez Roadstar II RS440 Ibanez Roadstar II RS530 WP Ibanez Roadstar II RS530 MS Ibanez Roadstar II RS1010SL Ibanez Roadstar RS1400 Ibanez Soundgear SR-1000 Jackson David Ellefson CB-XV Jackson Dinky DX6 Jackson Dinky DK2 EDS Jackson Dinky Pro DK2M Slime Green Swirl Jackson Dinky DK2M Snakeskin Jackson Dinky PS2 Performer Jackson Firebird FB2T Jackson Fusion Professional Standard Jackson JTX professional Jackson Kelly KE3 Jackson Kelly KE3 Crimson Swirl Jackson Kelly Star KS2 Jackson King V KVX10 Jackson King V KVXT CSB Jackson King V Mille Phobia Jackson Elite Randy Rhoads RRT Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24 Jackson Randy Rhoads PS3T Performer Jackson Scott Ian JJ4 Jackson Soloist Scott Ian Anarchy Jackson Soloist SLATTXMG3-7 Jackson Stealth HX Jackson Stealth LT Jackson Warrior WRXT TB Jackson Warrior WRXT TR Lâg Rockline LTD X-Tone AC-30EQM - STR Ltd DV-200 Ltd H-351-NT-TB LTD H3-1000 Luna Andromeda Mayones Setius GTM 6 Gothic Mensfeld Fingertip MGH Custom Blizzard Beast MGH Custom Devil Parker Nitefly NFV2 Peavey Tracer Custom '89 Peavey Vortex 2 PRS SE Paul Allender PRS SE Custom 24 LTD Sand-blasted Swamp Ash PRS CE24 Limited PRS Custom 24 Wood Library 10 Top Samick SW-490 Schecter PT Standard Squier H.M. III Sterling JP-60 Tagima Zero Tokai Five Star FSD50 Vester Stage series (snakeskin) Vester Stage series (crackle) Vester Tele Stage series Westone Spectrum IA (WE2400) Yamaha APX 600 OVS Yamaha RGX 620Z Yamaha RGX-721 DG
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