The moment had finally come: we were gonna buy our dream guitar, a real PRS. This type of guitar had been on our wish list literally from day one, and because there was a special occasion, we decided that this dream should become reality. So we planned a weekend away to go to Dijkmans, because they have the biggest assortment of PRSs in the Netherlands. Once there, it felt unreal to be able to try so many gorgeous and expensive guitars. We took our time, and after a few hours we decided that this was the one that should come home to us. We definitely wanted a 10 Top, because if you buy an expensive guitar it has to be really pretty, doesn't it? ;-) And when we saw the neck of this one, we couldn't resist: the flame on that is just so lively and deep.



Neck type Flamed Maple, set-neck 
Fretboard Striped Ebony
Body Mahogany with flamed maple top
Frets 24
Scale 635mm 
Tuners PRS Phase III Locking Tuners
Bridge PRS Tremolo
Neck pu PRS 85/15 Bass humbucker
Middle pu -
Bridge pu PRS 85/15 Treble humbucker
Color River Blue
Hardware color Chrome/Gold
Manufactured USA, 2018
Bought New, 2020-06-20

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