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This website is entirely dedicated to our guitar collection. Since we started in 2012, the initial set of six guitars has rapidly grown to the collection you will find on these pages. Most of our guitars are here for the long term, and some are just here for some love and attention and to get them ready to be sold again. So if you see a guitar that you like, please leave us a note and if it's one we are willing to sell, we might be able to do a deal. Do keep in mind that most of them are not for sale though ;-) And of course if you have a guitar that you think would be a nice addition to our collection, let us know! We are always on the lookout for great guitars.

You'll soon find that we like metal guitars, so only a very few Fenders/Squiers and Gibsons here. We have a lot of Ibanez and Jackson guitars, some Fernandes and a few Aria Pro II guitars. And in addition to those, we like the unknown stuff as well, like the Tagima Zero from Brazil, a very old ESP M-III and the Polish Mensfeld Fingertip. The last two however, are no longer in our collection.

Take a look around the site and leave a message; we would love to hear from you.

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